The transparency and anonymity of the service

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The cryptocurrency is based on anonymity and transparency. Every user sees all the transaction in the system, but cannot see the sender and the receiver. However, he can track the amount of the transaction and date. To improve the anonymity of the transaction, owners use

Open code of cryptocurrency in bitcoin

The source code for cryptocurrency and bitcoin theory are open. In Bitcoin, the same algorithms are used that are used in the Internet banking. The only difference between them is the disclosure of information about the end user. The cryptocurrency is based on anonymity. To improve it, owners use the mixing service:

  • Put the coins in the pool during the transaction
  • Make the tracking impossible.

 crypto currency


The absence of inflation in the bitcoin

The number of coins in this system grows at a certain rate, laid down in such a way that it coincides with the speed of gold mining on the planet. The maximum possible number of coins is strictly limited to 21 million bitcoins. Since there are no political forces or corporations that can change this order, there is no possibility for inflation to arise in the system.

Thanks to this, the cryptocurrency is to some extent even more reliable than gold. Mathematical calculation guarantees the shortage of bitcoins in the near future. Today, everyone can become a holder of a cryptocurrency that will never depreciate, and will only go up. It’s a mathematical rule that is embedded in every purse program. Of course, it can be changed, but on the condition that 99% of purse holders agree with the new changes.