Looking to catch the attention of visitors to your site? Spending hard money driving page views, but not successfully engaging, qualifying and keeping potential leads? Using video on your site is a powerful strategy which, if done correctly, can increase the popularity of your web pages and create your web site visitors stickier. However, poorly made video with less than perfect audio can drive people away, never to return. This is, obviously, the dichotomy that all but the wealthiest of companies face daily.

corporate videography

Producing professional movie is expensive; we see costs averaging between #500 and #1,000 per generated moment. Amateur video is often viewed as free to create but unless the camera is in the hands of somebody with decent corporate videography singapore skills it may do more harm than good when added to an otherwise higher quality corporate website. It is clear from the numbers that if you would like to get cash, share knowledge or just increase website page views, video can help create a dynamic website that both attracts and keeps visitors.

Using video is now widespread across sites and social networking channels. There are, however, several industries that are not using video as standard practice. For companies in those industries, there’s an chance to take the lead and set themselves apart from their rivals. They can work out how to make high quality video with no cost normally associated with professional video production.

What movie should I create?

It is important to know who is visiting your website and why. If your visitors are searching for information about a product or service then you need to look to produce video content which shows your product or service; explains how to use video to set up or set up your merchandise; reveals your product in use or is possibly a training session for customers or staff. Many companies use video to demonstrate expertise on a specific subject. They frequently create videos with in-depth or opinion information on their field of expertise or create normal logs updating visitors on trends in their own market.

How can video help drive traffic to my site?

With good excellent movie SEO, you may drive traffic to your site because search engines now understand video better. Very good quality SEO means using targeted keywords when adding tags and titles to your own videos; creating a set of videos, each focusing on a different search phrase; and utilizing multiple video sharing sites to raise back-links to your primary website. While most large businesses have a budget for professional video production, many smaller companies are interested in saving money by creating their own video content, albeit with varying levels of quality and outcomes.